Open Level Classes

5th September 2017

These classes will be returning after the summer with the support of a local partner to enable us to continue to run these classes to the highest quality and make them as accessible as possible. 

Tuesdays 7.30 – 8.30pm, King Charles Hall, Falmouth

A class that moves at a reasonable pace to include all abilities from beginners to advanced dancers. Incorporating fun, yet daring lifts and sequence work and taught by professional dancers in a friendly atmosphere. If you’ve never tried dance but always wanted to, or if you are returning to dance after a break, then these are definitely the classes for you!

If you have any questions about your level, and experience being suitable for the classes, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help. Further info below.

**Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water**

These classes have been running since Autumn 2010 and regularly have participants with a varied level of previous experience attend. The classes are also a great way to socialise and meet new people, as we often celebrate the end of term with a group get together in Falmouth town, a great way to get to know each other.

Many thanks.


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