Elbowroom (2010) | With these Words (2011) | The Distance You Travelled (2012)

Throughout our participatory classes, both Open and Advanced Level, we have worked with an evolving and passionate group of adults, many of whom have had an ambition to create and perform work to share with an audience. Freefall have worked with these groups to choreograph ‘Elbowroom’, performed at Attik Dance’s community platform in Devonport in 2010, ‘With these Words’ performed at the dance platform On The Wire in Falmouth in 2011 and ‘The Distance You Travelled’ performed at On the Wire 2012.

All three pieces were emotive, physical pieces, largely taking inspiration from song lyrics, poetry and quotes to create a playground of movement.

Other Projects


Carrick Dance Platform 2018
      Carrick Dance Project is