Carrick Dance Platform 2018




Carrick Dance Project is a student led, collaborative schools dance project involving students from over 20 local schools, who work together to create enchanting pieces of dance for your delight. Dancers aged 5-18yrs; perform a programme of multi-genre, truly innovative and exciting dance!
Freefall has been involved as guest choreographers for a number of years now and this year Charlotte took the opportunity to work with the Carrick Advanced dancers on a piece which challenged the way students think about choreography and creation of movement.

Charlotte choreographed a piece with the Carrick Advanced group that challenges their performance skills and ability to present themselves as people on stage rather than through character.
‘Wait Here Please’ is a light-hearted exploration of British social behaviours. Why do we use such specific gestures of communication and how do they reflect our relationships with one another? Why do we queue?
The piece was performed at both Penryn College and the Hall for Cornwall as part of the fantastic platform which brings together a wide range of kids, teachers and choreographers for two really great evenings of performance and sharing.

“I really enjoyed working with and challenging this group, it was clearly a different ways of working for them and I think it was great to nudge them out of their comfort zones and introduce them to new ways of creating movement and performance. Together we created an interesting and dynamic 7 minute long piece of choreography in just 6 hours! I loved watching the piece be performed and get a chance to see how much the group developed and progressed through the rehearsal period and into the performances” – Charlotte (Carrick Dance 2018 choreographer)



Carrick Dance Platform 2018
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