What Freefall Dance Means To Me

What Freefall Dance Means To Me

We asked Open Plus+ class veteran Cathy Whitmore, to write a little about what the Open Plus+ classes, Freefall, and what dancing means to her. Cathy has been coming to our weekly Monday night class since the beginning of them in 2010, every week she bursts in with energy, passion and enthusiasm. We absolutely love watching her in class.
Take a look at what she wrote:

What Freefall Dance Means To Me

A place to be free to express my own style, enjoy challenges and achieving ‘tricky’ choreography then adding my own expression and constantly smiling with joy. Seven years of experiencing variety in moving: cover the floor, fill the space, extend through walls, roof and windows to merge with the energy of Falmouth harbour beyond and below.

Feel the release from pressures, feeling joy and friendship, love of a family. There is no wrong here – just creativity and experimentation – not imposed but superimposed through personal interpretation.

What have I got to lose? Why not jump higher, spring further forward, run faster, lunge deeper? There is always encouragement, advice and attention to create and develop from passionately creative professionals.

What have I gained? Confidence – I am a Dancer! I feel like a dancer again – it shows in my ‘every day’ – I feel as youthful, energetic, glowing and exuberant in my 60th year as I have ever done – it shows in the enthusiasm I bring when teaching my own dance class.

But I have more to achieve – more is yet to come. My decades have brought life’s influences – more are yet to come.

Being part of Freefall’s dreams and aspirations keeps the motivation pumping. Keep dancing, don’t stop, just adapt, move on, taking opportunities to dance and perform, teach and encourage others.

The journey continues as the circle goes on spinning, giving joy, receiving joy; hand over hand, arm in arm, side by side, striding together and falling into freedom of our spirits and spreading the joy.

To dance is to live – to live is to dance!

Cathy Whitmore


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