Lila Dance Project

Lila Dance Project


By Charlotte Luke


November has seen a number of exciting things happening for Freefall, one of which was the opportunity for some of our Open+ dancers to perform as an extended cast for Lila Dance’s exciting rural dance community project ‘The Deluge’. Created and rehearsed in the space of one week, our Freefaller’s had the chance to work will Lila Dance Company culminating in an exciting piece of work performed at Portreath Millenium Hall.

‘The Deluge’ is about an oncoming flood, which is heading towards the city. The local community are evacuated and sent to a safe house, which becomes the venue for the performance. Six Freefaller’s from our Open+ Classes took part in this project, which consisted of just two workshops/rehearsals and the performance day.

This is such a special project as it allows members of rural communities of all ages and abilities to work collaboratively with a professional company.

Managing Freefall’s side of this project gave me an insight into what it takes to make a fantastic project like this come together. I was given the chance to develop my skills within project management through organising dancers and rehearsals and keeping a strong thread of communication between both parties.

Our dancers started by learning some material and working creatively to make duos and trios which would be incorporated into their section. Lila dancers worked closely with us to develop performance skills, physicality and use of props whilst also working in a unique and professional performance space. The performance was an imaginative and zestful evening, which brought together the whole community and allowed both Lila Dance and Freefall Dancers to showcase their hard work and spectacular choreography and concept.

I feel privileged to have been a part of this project, our Open+ dancers continue to inspire and excite me with their hard work and love of movement and I am so thankful to Lila Dance for giving Freefall such a fantastic opportunity.

“The opportunity to train and perform with Lila dance as part of their rural tour of The Deluge allowed me to understand more about what is involved in creating a tour as a working dance company. I was inspired by the rehearsal process and it has given me the drive and energy to further pursue my own ideas for my future as a dance artist. The company was so accommodating and happy to answer questions about their process along the way which gave me a lot of food for thought!” Leigh Burrows- Open+ Dancer

 “Working with Lila Dance company was such an honour, they made us feel part of the piece straight away and treated us like professional dancers” Rhea Walter- Open+ Dancer

“It was such a lovely opportunity to meet and work with Lila. Performing in their show was great fun and it was really interesting to see how they developed our section with us. Hopefully more work with them in the future!!” Harriet Reed- Open+ Dancer


















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