Summer Intensive 2016

Summer Intensive 2016

By Grace Sellwood

August saw the arrival of our sixth (!) Freefall Summer Intensive. The sun was shining, the studios were ready, the dancers gathered, and the practitioners arrived. It all kicked off with a fantastically invigorating Pilates class led by the truly talented Sally Knight (Cscape Pilates), who gave us the opportunity to prepare our bodies and focus our mind for what was to come.

The weekend was packed full of energy, athleticism, thoughtfulness, challenges and a ‘get stuck in’ attitude. Nikki’s classes bounded us into reality; a fast paced, energetic hour and a half where you body and mind were truly challenged. Luke’s classes gave fluid, poignant, beautiful sequences with hints of humour through his fantastic teaching. We also welcomed Charlotte’s articulate, fun Cunningham influenced class back, a class we would have back time and time again. Harlan burst in teaching us tricks, and hardcore movement sequences – our bodies were thanking him and cursing him at the same time (!) a very inspirational class. The weekend finished with a well earned yoga session with Simon Birch, a chance to focus back in on the body, look after and nurture the body after the intensity of the weekend. Simon always brings a thoughtful approach to his classes, combining the body and mind with equal measure, a fantastic way to complete the weekend.

Every year I feel privileged to be taught by such a wide variety of practitioners, who continue to inspire, challenge and refresh my love for dance. I also enjoy meeting the variety of people that attend the Intensive, listening to what is happening all over the UK, and seeing everyone dance, fly, sweat, move, and chat together. Bring on the next year……

“The Freefall intensive was filled with positive, vibrant and friendly energy which made the whole experience enjoyable. The classes were intense, yet fun! I had the best time working with other professional dancers who were able to share their experiences and stories.”
Shanice Burgoyne – Freefall Apprentice 2016

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