Summer Intensive & ImPulsTanz

Summer Intensive & ImPulsTanz

Working with incredible teachers and alongside fantastic dancers in Falmouth, Cornwall and Vienna.

This summer we’ve been working hard to produce the Freefall Summer Intensive at Falmouth University, which took place at the beginning of August, and we’ve not long returned from travelling to Vienna to train for a week at the International Dance Festival ImPulsTanz….it’s been busy…and very sweaty (Vienna was super hot)! Here’s a little about our training experiences over the past few weeks, and some of the reasons we do what we do…



Over the past few weeks we’ve been inspired by working with some world class teachers and dancers from around the globe, and we’re lucky enough to be able to do some of that right here on our home soil in Falmouth. We had a fantastic group of dancers attend our Summer Intensive, ¬†the studios were pulsing with everyone’s energy, commitment and hard work. We put the ‘Intense’ in Intensive and it was a pleasure to work with locally based dancers from Cornwall and Plymouth, and also to meet some new faces from further afield. The guest teachers were fantastic, we were lucky enough to be able to work with Luke Birch (Yael Flexer, H2 Dance), KJ Mortimer ( Akram Khan, James Wilton), Charlotte Eatock (Richard Alston), Tom Jackson-Greaves (Matthew Bourne), Simon Birch and Sally Knight (Cscape Pilates)…phew!

We feel incredibly passionate about creating an opportunity for training to happen right here in Cornwall, as it’s always so much more than physical training, which is the forerunner for the Intensive to happen, but equally important is the chance to connect to others who share the same lifestyle, passion for the art form, and talk over aspirations, concerns about finding work and making it all work in the topsy turvy world that dance can be. So, here’s to another fantastic year of the Intensive next year, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s some comments from our fabulous participants!

“Such an incredible weekend working with amazing dancers, thank you @freefalldance an experience I’ll never forget. bring on next year woo!”

“Woooow what a weekend…so much tasty movement, lush people, what can we say, we are spent #intense”

“Great weekend…9 amazing classes in two days including the fabulous KJ Mortimer, great to see you in Falmouth. DANCE!”


This festival takes place annually across the city of Vienna. We had five days to dive right into intense training; three workshops a day, including Bodywork and rep by previous Ultima Vez dancer Laura Aris, and Flying Low with David Zambrano. The workshop spaces, set in the South East of the city are vast open studios, with high ceilings, many of them having one wall of glass windows, so it felt like you were almost dancing outside. The fierce focus on the work in the workshops, the chance to move in so much space, and the relaxed ambience of the cafe space filled with quiet conversations were just as important as the work itself, bringing much needed time for reflection and space to immerse ourselves and challenge what we already know.

Meeting dancers working across the globe offered us a chance to understand our place in the topsy turvy dance world, and what we can offer from our little corner of the UK, which we think is really rather exciting. We would go back in a heartbeat, we feel refreshed, and we’re ready for the rest of 2015…we’re coming for you, so watch this space for our next plans and projects and more.

Happy Dancing

Emily & Grace x



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