Interview with the Company

Interview with the Company

Charlotte Luke | Apprentice Dancer & Practitioner

Favourite lyric or quote?

One of my favourite lyrics is Pink Floyd’s “There’s someone in my head but it’s not me” I think sometimes I can be my worst enemy when it comes to critiquing myself as a dancer. Sometimes we can be so harsh on ourselves but I feel that lately I have been learning to push past this voice in my head and not let my own judgements of myself hold me back.

As for quote’s I always seem to think back to the simple quote from Pina Bausch“Dance Dance otherwise we are lost” because whenever I feel lost or insecure, dancing is the first thing I want to do.

What skill would you love to have other than dancing?

I would love to be able to surf, I’ve lived in Cornwall next to the beach my whole life but never learnt and I really wish I had. Hopefully I can learn one day!

Dance bag must have?

Plasters! There is always a constant supply of plasters and tape in my bag for repairs! Spare layers of dance clothes and hand sanitizer just to keep my ocd’s at bay.

Favourite exercise outside dance?

Running, I love putting in my headphones and going for a long run, it gives you time to take your mind off everything and just run.

Advice for budding dancers?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. For a long time I tried to be the dancer that I thought I should be but after experiencing so many different styles and having the opportunity to meet so many amazing dancer’s and choreographer’s I’ve realised that focusing on what makes you happy as a dancer and bringing your personality and individuality to your training is when you truly come alive as a performer.

Favourite season?

It has to be summer, Barbeques, great food, days and nights at the beach, sunshine (sometimes!) cocktails, adventures and travels, summer just seems to be a generally happier time.

What is your favourite part of a dance class?

Either corner work or final sequences, I love jumps and for me there’s no better feeling than getting stuck into a phrase or movement sequence at the end of a class when you’re tired and have to push yourself to give it everything.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I really want to go to Cuba, there’s so much amazing scenery, music, food, dance and culture, it’s a place I’ve always had an interest in. Also New Zealand, I have a few contacts there and it would be great to go and travel and explore.

When was the last time you were really nervous?

My (first) driving test, I’ve never been so nervous in my life! I also get really nervous before a performance but I think being nervous just shows that you really care about something.

What keeps you going when times get tough?
Friends and family. Making an effort to keep an optimistic outlook and trying to learn from all experiences, both good and bad.

What luxury item could you not live without?

My Mac, I just got it and still don’t really know how to use it but it keeps me organised, most of the time!




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