Merge 8 Performance

Merge 8 Performance

Sweet Sorority (2015)

Freefall’s Open Level group blew everyone’s socks off at their performance of ‘Sweet Sorority’ as part of the Merge8 Platform in early July.

The audience cheered and whistled after the team danced powerfully, incorporating intricate gestural choreography with spectacular lift work. The feedback post show was fantastic, often commenting on how great it was to see a community group with a mix of ages dancing to such a high standard.

Suzie West from Spindrift asked Freefall to choreograph a short piece on our Monday Night Class to be performed at a Arts Council supported Merge Platform (see here for more information about the platforms). Eight volunteered, and worked extremely hard in their 2 rehearsals (!) to create and polish the piece. We based the piece around a phrase created in class, and developed a punchy, brain teaser of a piece which came together with ease.

Since the performance we have had an increased interest in our Monday Night Classes -thank you ladies! Til next time…!


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