Bath Spa Workshop

Bath Spa Workshop

by Grace Sellwood | 14th November 2014

Last week Freefall travelled to Bath Spa to perform Effete and give a workshop based around our choreographic processes of the piece.

Bath Spa University is nestled right in the beautiful countryside of Bath, and after a long journey we arrived a little weary. We were immediately greeted with a very welcoming 2nd year Dance Students and we were soon energised to perform the risk-taking falling duet!

The students analysed and gave thoughtful comments of what they perceived the narrative to be of the piece, and gave some new interesting insights that we hadn’t even thought of!

We started class with an improvisation on the floor led by Rob, focusing on initiations through different body parts which led into a fluid (and very warm!) contact improvisation session. We then explored the idea of falling and catching with partners, some risk takers dived straight in pushing their boundaries to the limit and surprising themselves of what they were achieving!

This led onto teaching a bit of rep from the duet, focusing on the details of tension and release to emphasise certain movements. It was fantastic to watch and finally be an outside eye to the piece (as both myself and Rob has never seen the piece from the outside!) They performed it with so much energy, focus and enthusiasm.

We continued the afternoon setting some creative duet and solo tasks which then were slotted together to create a longer performance piece. Each group performed their pieces with lights, lots of cameras and definitely tons of action. The pieces demonstrated their very focused and involved nature of the workshop; the pieces were creative, risky, intricate and powerful.

It was a pleasure to perform and teach at Bath Spa University, we hope to be back there again.

Thank you for the invitation!




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