Freefall Residency | Week Two

Freefall Residency | Week Two

Sarah Thomson– 22/08/2014


Week 2 saw three dancers come together to create a re-work of a piece called ‘Breathe’, formerly performed as a duet. As an outside eye, this week was great for the development of my understanding in relation to watching a process of dancers choreographing a piece they were all dancing in.

I had never really noticed the difficulty in not having a choreographer on the outside and as more and more material developed, one would have to keep stepping out to watch a section. I sat back and watched the process and joined in with the creative tasks and company class in the mornings.

The morning classes were led by Sioda Martin and were a great way to get everybody warmed up and switch the brains on. Emily and Grace had also spoken about Sioda a lot in the build up to the residency so it was great to meet her and put a face to the name!

Joining me on this week was the other apprentice, Becky Miles, and it was lovely to have her around. We spent the week learning together and also forming a lovely friendship!

Whilst Emily, Grace and Sioda continued to choreograph and worked on defining meaning and structure of Breathe, Becky and myself set off to create a duet for the festival ‘Splash!’ [The Falmouth BID team has commissioned Freefall to make a piece for the Splash! Festival, see here for more information] It was a huge help to have Rob there to help us on our way with a series of tasks, and he was also a great assistance in bringing the piece to life.

Although I love having a play around with choreography, I have always found it much easier for someone just to teach me something, and then perform it. I often find, no matter what the creative task, I will easily stick to movement I know and movement that feels comfortable … then probably just change the quality to suit the task given! So I saw this apprenticeship as a great way to break out my comfort zone and explore what else I could make my body do.

After a few days of working on the piece, we had formed a great partnership and had loads of fun playing around with bringing out our characters in the dance.

Overall, a great week and a great insight into the beginnings of putting together a show.


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