Freefall Residency | Week Three

Freefall Residency | Week Three

Sarah Thomson – 29/008/2014

With week three nearing, I was getting very excited! I had taken class with Yael Flexer before during last years Freefall Summer Intensive and had highly enjoyed it.

I joined the company a few days into rehearsal so during company class in the morning; I hid at the back and tried to keep up! I think it’s down to lack of training as a dancer, but I quite often find it hard to keep up with the pace of learning material. Having said that, practise makes perfect and this is another area the apprenticeship is helping me improve on, and every day I go in, it gets just a little bit easier!

I have previously watched a few of Yael’s pieces, so I was very intrigued to see how she worked as a choreographer and to see how it all came together. It was lovely to see the contrast from the previous week, as Yael worked purely from the outside and could watch everything, making adjustments along the way.

To me, it seemed that she would work with trial and error a lot. If something didn’t look right, she would ask them to try a few, or many, different things until something stood out and then she would select it. She was also very decisive and knew what looked right and what didn’t.

She was very good in making me feel part of the process as well and would ask for my opinion, which most of the time was a big smile and a ‘yeeeeaaah’ or ‘that looked good’ …

I thoroughly enjoyed my time watching this piece come together and had a great time working on the choreographic tasks set by Yael at the beginning of the week.

Inside the breaks from the hard work, was such a great, shared sense of humour; everybody spent a lot of time laughing and discussing highly important topics such as pronunciation, grammar and slang language.

This week I have learnt the importance of detail, whether it be the focus or the facing, down to the positioning of a finger tip or toe.

… Oh, and it’s all about the diagonals!


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