Airsteppin’ at the Tall Ships Regatta

Airsteppin' at the Tall Ships Regatta

Grace and I are performing a pop up duet today at the Tall Ships festival! If you are in Falmouth you can find us at various locations (listed below) and intervals from 11am – 6pm. A cheeky, fun, five minute duet called ‘Airsteppin’ – inspired by the incredible Lindy Hoppers!

11am & 11.30am – Prince of Wales Pier
12am & 12..30am – The Moor
1pm & 1.30pm – Custom House Quay
4pm & 4.30pm – Prince of Wales Pier
5.30pm & 6pm – King Charles Church

Watch this space for more Airsteppin’ at festivals and platforms around the UK. 

Photo | Kevin Clifford



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