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 “At the heart of Freefall’s work is the relentless need to create daring opportunities in dance that leave you feeling invigorated, charged and inspired.
Just like we do.”

Freefall’s directors, Emily Dobson and Grace Sellwood, work together to drive the company, it’s artistic voice and participation programme.

With an infectious and passionate drive the company create athletic, honest and powerfully emotive performance work. The work is physical, but retains the intricate details of honesty and human response which is woven through it. It draws on common, compelling experiences capturing a wide range of audiences.

Freefall’s professional work is framed by its thriving education and participatory programme that includes regular weekly classes, annual intensive training programs and workshops. The company often invite guest dancers, teachers and choreographers to lead classes and choreographic workshops as part of its ethos to encourage on-going professional training for dancers, practitioners, undergraduates and the local community.


Carrick Dance Platform 2018
      Carrick Dance Project is